Recording artist Mickey Lamantia releases new version of "Ladies Love Outlaws".

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We want to share with Lee's fans that Recording Artist Mickey Lamantia recently released a fantastic version of the iconic Lee Clayton penned song "Ladies Love Outlaws". The new single features the great Jamey Johnson and super talented Melonie Cannon on vocals. This cut was produced by industry veterans Bill McDermott and Buddy Cannon at Nashville's Omni Studio and of course incorporated the finest players that Music City is known for.

Check it out here:

Be sure to follow Mickey Lamantia at as he continues to put out great music into the world. His new album debuted at #3 on the iTunes Country chart!

The history of this song begins back in 1972 when it became the inspiration for the Outlaw movement in Country Music.

We spoke to Lee about the song and he had this to say about the genesis of "Ladies Love Outlaws":

"The title came to me when I was on the road in 1971. Three months or so later I was at a family gathering in East Tennessee. I was watching my three year old niece playing outside when a friendly stray dog came into the yard. My niece laughed and ran over to pet him. The line "like babies love stray dogs" flashed through my mind. Within a week I had finished the song. My girlfriend Bessie (from the song) looked at the lyric sheet and said "I like this!"."

The legacy of "Ladies Love Outlaws" continues to live on through artists like Mickey Lamantia and many others who choose to defy the norm and uphold the spirit of the Outlaw.

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